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A Flange Nut is a special type of nut that’s characterized by a flanged design. The term “flanged” refers to a protruding rim. All flange nuts have a protruding rim on one side. One side looks like a traditional nut, whereas the other side has a protruding rim.

The protruding rim on flange nuts essentially acts as a built-in washer. Washers are fasteners as well and like nuts, they are typically used in conjunction with bolts. Rather than using a traditional nut with a separate washer, though you can use a flange nut. Flange nuts have a protruding rim that serves the same purpose as a washer.

How Flange Nuts Work:

Flange nuts are often used in fastening applications involving oversized holes. They have a protruding rim that covers more surface area. Even if the hole is too big for a traditional nut, it may support the use of a flanged nut. At the same time, the flanged nut will distribute the load more evenly.

To join multiple objects together with a bolt and nut, you’ll have to drill a hole through the objects. With that said, some objects may have an oversized hole. In other words, the hole may be too large to accommodate a traditional nut. Twisting a nut over the end of the bolt may cause it to slip into the oversized hole. In cases such as this, a flange nut may offer a solution.

Rattan Iron Works is a notable manufacturer, supplier, vendor, dealer of Flange Nuts in Chawri Bazaar, Delhi, India. We have different variety of Sizes & Diameters or as per customer’s required specification.

  1. Material: Mild Steel, High Tensile 8.8. Grade, Stainless Steel & Brass.
  2. Size: There is large variety of Sizes & Diameters or as per customer’s required specification.
  3. Threads: Inch & Metric.


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