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Sems Screws are machine screws with lock washers pre-attached to save users assembly time. With washers under the head, Sems fasteners allow for fast installation, permanence, and easy adaptability to many applications. It helps extend product life and ensure reliable performance.

Benefits Of Sems Screws:

  • Sems Screws can allow for faster assembly of products due to their pre-assembled and lubricated parts. This can boost both your output and productivity overall.
  • The custom fastener options can also help decrease failures related to improper mounting or missing washers because Sems Screws have permanently affixed washers, or sets of washers, any failures related to missing washers is highly mitigated.
  • Sems Screws work well in products with small dimensions, allowing for seamless integration and assembly with a lower risk of error or failure.
  • Service on parts that are difficult to reach can also benefit from Sems Screws, as they can help make the process easier and safer.

Sems Screws are readily available and cost affordable. They are also available in most combinations, allowing you to customize them to meet your exact design or automation needs.

Rattan Iron Works is a notable manufacturer, supplier, vendor, dealer of Sems Screws in Chawri Bazaar, Delhi, India. We have different variety of Sizes & Diameters or as per customer’s required specification.

  1. Available In S.S. (Stainless Steel) & M.S. (Mild Steel) both.
  2. Size from M3 to M10.

Two types of Sems Screws

  1. Hex Sems Screw / Hex Phillips Head
  2. Pan Phillips Head / Combi Head


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