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RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) is a notable Screw manufacturers in Delhi NCR, Make In India, For bestest price ring up today +91-9911251063. Today we will powwow about the ways of creating threads on a screw because Sometimes our customers ask about the threading process.

Methods Of Threading

From the nude eye, it might appear that all fastener threads are fabricated identical. In fact, there are two prescripts used to fabricate threads and they are ROLLED THREADS and CUT THREADS. Though both procedure yield identical results, there are a some odds in each procedure that cause odds in the products.


To fabricate rolled threads, a blank with a diameter slightly smaller than the designated end diameter is used. The vacant is garbled by dies to create the helical peaks that wrap around the bolt shaft. This constructs a fastener with smoother threads that also weighs less than equivalent-sized cut bolts. These fasteners are cold-worked, which hardens the threads. Overall, rolling is a rapid, efficient and cost effective method of threading vacant. There are some constraints, such as limits on thread length and bolt diameters, and few materials are too hard to be cold build up by dies.

Advantages Of Roll Threading

  1. Considerably shorter labor times means cost effective.
  2. Because a roll threaded fastner has a smaller body diameter, it weighs less than its full bodied counterpart. This weight deficiency reduces the cost of the steel, galvanizing, heat-treating, plating, freight, and any other costs allied with the fastener that are based on weight.
  3. Cold working makes threads more obstructive to damage during handling.
  4. Rolled threads are often smoother due to the burnishing effect of the rolling function.


To fabricate Cut Threads, requires a vacant rod that is the exact diameter as the bolt specification, and extra material is cut away from the blank to create threads. This results in a thicker diameter before the threads start. All standard fastner sizes and thread types can be manufactured via cutting. Generally, bolts and screws with cut threads have better shear strength but are also more matted to fabricate and more costly.

Advantages Of Cut Threading

  1. Few impediments with regard to diameter and thread length.
  2. All specifications can be fabricated with cut threads.

These circumstances mean rolled threads are advisable for most applications, as they’re less expensive, and on average 7% stronger than cut threads. Whereas cold working hardens the minimum diameter, cutting abrades it and enervates the material surface. Typically the only instance where cut threads are explicitly sought are when specified materials are too hard to be rolled. For more information get in touch with RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) the notable screw manufacturers in Delhi NCR.




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