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RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) is a surpassing Screw Dealer in Chawri Bazar the hurt of Delhi, India. For best offer call up today +91-9911251063. Today we will powwow about the TPI and Pitch of Screw Threads because umpteen users are getting confused in TPI and Pitch of Screw Threads when they buying this.

METRIC COURSE THREADS are ordinarily defined by their PITCH, that is, how much distance per thread & Inch based threads usually use the converse logic, that is, how many threads occur per a given distance. Thus, INCH BASED THREADS are defined in terms of THREADS PER INCH (TPI). Pitch and TPI describe the same underlying physical property—merely in different terms. When the inch is used as the unit of measurement for pitch, TPI is the reciprocal of pitch and vice versa.

How to measure THREADS PER INCH (TPI)

Threads per inch, commonly succinct as TPI, For Inch Based Threads TPI is used to measure. TPI is a term used to help identify how many threads are in an inch. To allocate treads per inch an inch of the screw is measured and then the peaks on the fastener are counted.

Infrequently this measurement system can cause problems when measuring fasteners which are shorter than 1 inch in length. When measuring the TPI of shorter fasteners, a shorter length, such as ½ inch, is used – the number of threads in this fragment is then multiplied by the appropriate factor to find the hypothetical number of threads if the fastener was 1 inch in length.

Usally in Inches BRITISH STANDARD WHITWORTH (BSW) threads are used. The data below represents the dimensions of BSW threads as defined by ISO standards.

Please note that these figures relate to product design, and are always implemented with tolerances in mind. In practice, values related to tapping and drilling can vary significantly dependent on many factors such as material and operating temperature.

How to measure THREAD PITCH

Thread pitch is the term used to calculate the spacing between two threads. For metric based threads, thread pitch is used in place of TPI. The distance is also measured in millimeters. To measure thread pitch, use a caliper and measure from the peak of one thread to the next.

Infrequently the problem with this measurement system is that such minute spacing can be difficult to measure accurately, notably with smaller fasteners. For a more authentic measurement, it is advised to take a measurement along a larger sample of threads, such as 10, then divide this number by the number of threads chosen, which will calculate the average thread spacing across this range.

The data below represents the General Pitch & Fine Pitch dimensions of metric based screw threads as defined by ISO standards.



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