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RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) is the best screw manufacturers in Delhi NCR, India. For premium quality screws at best price reach us today +91-9911251063. Today we are trying to guide for opting the perfect screwdriver for a screw.

All screwdrivers are tools for turning, both for driving and disassembing screws. The most common design consists of three parts:

What is a screwdriver

  1. A handle build up of wood metal or plastic. Its shape can vary including square, oval, and hexagonal. It should be comfy in the hand when used.
  2. A shank build up of tough steel, which will prevents twisting and bending when in use.
  3. A tip for insertion into the screw head, thus, driving or disassembling it after some turns. It’s ordinarily hardened for durability and ridged for extra-secure grip. It can also be treated for increased visual contrast with the screw.

Screwdrivers can also come in four forms – electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers (driven by pressurised air), hydraulic screwdrivers and Manual screwdrivers. Many manual screwdrivers also have interchangeable tips at the end of their shafts.

In case of the latter, a hollow handle contains various types and sizes of nibs. The screwdriver’s reversible ratchet action keeps it steady even after many turns. It should be comfy in the hand when used. The nip remains firmly connected, so to speak, with the screw head.


RIW the best screw manufacturers in delhi, Types of screwdriver heads


Screwdrivers are classified by their nibs. The nibs, in turn, are shaped to fit the slots, recesses, and grooves of the homosexual screw head.

According to RIW the best screw manufacturers in delhi, these are the most generic screw drives used in present times in India. Each type also comes in multiple sizes.

  1. PHILLIPS HEAD SCREWDRIVER : The nib resembles a cross and is pointed but not sharp. This is because when it is pointed, it will not fit inside the groove. You can see the size marked on the head of a Phillips screwdriver. This denotes the drive size you need for that head. It is available in sizes 1 to 4. This type of screws solves the problems with slotted screws that unscrew easily due to vibration.
  2. SLOTTED SCREWDRIVER : This is the most generic screwdriver in use. It has only one slot at the end of the metal rod. It is usually a flat blade with an angled, tapered nib. To keep the nib from slipping out of the groove, they make the driver close to the nib and parallel to it. The angle of the taper is crucial in determining how much torque one can apply without the tool slipping from its slot. You can change the size to accommodate higher torque values.
  3. TORX SCREWDRIVER : This has the shape of a six-pointed star but the points are rounded off. There is no angle involved and you get excellent contact between the screw and its driver. This allows you to tighten screws to a high torque value.
  4. HEX DRIVE : The slots in these screw heads have six sides and so they are called hexagonal drive. Most of the hex drive fasteners are bolts, not screws. The most common use of hex fasteners is in furniture. One must use a T-handled wrench to tighten and loosen hex fasteners because you can apply more torque that way.
  5. POZI DRIVE : This is a branch of Phillips screwdriver company to help provide better driver without slipping. The reduced drive angles help prevent damage to the heads. You also have four shallow radial lines between the main recesses to improve the contact area.
  6. ROBERTSON DRIVE : Screws with a recessed square are driven by the Robertson drive. There is no angle involved and so there is no slip occurring between the tool and the screw. Also, you can apply very high torques.

You can look at the types and sizes of screws that you usually use on your projects. You can then invest in high-quality screwdrivers that match the screws’ type and size. And for more guidence get in touch with RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) the best screw manufacturers in Delhi NCR, India. Please feel free to reach us, call up today +91-9911251063.



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