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RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) the best screw dealers in Delhi, India, with a 40 years of long experience in screws. For cheapest price reach us today +91-9911251063. Today we will talk about the safety tips and precautions to be taken while choosing and using the screwdriver on a screw.

Safety Tips To Know When Using Screwdrivers & Keep In Mind That Unmatched Screws And Screwdriver For A Job Can Result In:

Best Screw Dealers In Delhi

  • Use the screwdriver with clean and dry hands. Keep the screwdriver’s handles clean, too. Your wet or greasy hands using a screwdriver can result in injuries. This is because you have lower control over it.
  • Bear out that the tip has a secure and comfy fit in the slot. The blade will slip out when the tip is too small, too large, or too thick for the slot. The work can be getting detriorated too, because of the blade slipping out of place.
  • Dab shellac under the screw head. This will keep it from being loosened because of vibrations. Just press as firmly as possible on the screwdriver when removing it to remove the shellac shell.
  • Damaging the screwdriver itself. The blade can be laxed or the shaft can be broken, which will render the tool useless.
  • Removing the screw during the turning process. The damage will make it more arduous to remove the screw when it’s necessary.
  • Check that the tip is in good condition. The blade shouldn’t have nicks, dents and damage, such as a badly rounded tip, for it to work well. You can suffer injuries otherwise, even damage the surrounding wood.
  • Use your other hand in holding the blade in the screw slot when driving a screw. Otherwise, your hand can become injured when you’re holding the work with it.
  • Plunged a screw in linseed oil for rust protection before turning it in. Pulling its threads across past wax, beeswax, or candle will also make it convenient to drive it in.


What Are The Precautions To Be Taken While Using A Screwdriver:

Best Screw Dealers In Delhi

  • Do not incline or push on a screwdriver with any greater force than necessary to keep contact with the screw. A screw properly piloted and fitted will draw itself into the right position when turned. Keep the shank directly over the screw being driven.
  • Do not hold the stock in one hand while using the screwdriver with the other. If the screwdriver slips out of the slot, you may cut your hand.
  • Do not hammer screws which cannot be turned.
  • Do not grind the tip to fit all sizes of screw heads.
  • Do not try to use screwdrivers on screw heads for which they are not designed (e.g., slotted screwdrivers on Phillips, clutch head, Torx or multi-flutted spline screw heads) that is briefly explained in our previous blog
  • Do not use defective screwdrivers (i.e., ones with rounded or spoiled edges or tips; split or broken handle; or bent shaft).
  • Do not use pliers on the handle of a screwdriver for extra turning power. A wrench should only be used on the square screwdriver shank designed for that purpose.
  • Do not let a screwdriver blade to excessive heat. Heat can affect the temper of the metal and weaken the tool.
  • Do not carry screwdrivers in your pockets.

According to RIW the best screw dealers in Delhi, Driving a screwdriver is also easy. Yet many people also do it incorrectly and, thus, damage either the screw head or the screwdriver. You can avoid it by following these three basic steps:

  1. Make a pilot hole on the wood.
  2. Start the screwing process. Place the screw on the tip and clasp both with your fingers of one hand. Put the screw on the pilot hole and apply a little pressure when turning it in.
  3. Keep driving the screw into place. Use your fingers to pilot the screw in its hole.



Choosing the right screwdriver for the job should be an easy task. Most important rule is always match the size and type of the screw head with the screwdriver. Your work will be faster and easier afterwards.

Using the screwdriver in the right method is just as strategic too. You have to be informed of the safety precautions allied with its use. You should be careful of the dangers of its sharp tips and hard shaft. And for more guidence get in touch with RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) the best screw dealers in Delhi, India, Or Call Up Today +91-9911251063.



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