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Call Us Today +91-9911251063, RATTAN IRON WORKS (RIW) is not just a Screw Dealer in Delhi NCR… We are also a Manufacturer and Exporter of all types of SCREWS.

Well, there are many types of SCREWS, But today we will talk about only Three types of SCREWS that are generally used and the first one is MACHINE SCREW second one is STEEL SCREW and third one is WOOD SCREW.

MACHINE SCREW: Typically machine screws are designed to be fastened to an existing tapped hole on a metal surface, usually in conjunction with a corresponding nut. Extensively used in multitude of industries including electrical, electronic consumer appliances, switch gear, automobile ancillaries, watch & Mobile phones manufacturers.

STEEL SCREW: Steel screw also known as Sheet Metal Screw, can have a fully threaded shank with sharp threads and tip that allow them to cut through metal, wood, plastic, and various other materials.

WOOD SCREW: A Wood Screw with a sharp point designed to attach two pieces of wood together. A wood screw generally has a partially unthreaded shank below the head. The unthreaded portion of the shank is designed to slide through the top board (closest to the screw head) so that it can be pulled tight to the board to which it is being attached.

And there are two types of Threads that are generally used and they are INCH & METRIC Threads.

And there are Huge Types Of Head Shapes are available in these Three types of SCREWS that can be selected according to the application.

And Screws are generally used in 5 Types of Material and they are MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, HIGHTENSILE STEEL, BRASS & NYLONE.

MILD STEEL: Mild Steel Screws are produced of strong, Carbonated Iron. Uncoated steel is vulnerable to corrosion.

STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless Steel Screws are chemical and corrosion resistant with an appealing finish. They cannot be hardened like carbon steel.

HIGHTENSILE STEEL: Hightensile Steel Screws on hardening methods to produce a stronger, but more brittle, version of steel.

BRASS: Brass Screws are strong, conductive, and corrosion resistant, with low magnetic permeability.

NYLONE: Plastic Screws are inexpensive and corrosion resistant for light loads. They are common for applications near water, such as pools.

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